Development Associate at The Public Theater, NYC


I’ve been working as a Development Associate for the Institutional Partnerships team at The Public Theater since July 2017.

I really landed on my feet with this position; never in my life did I think that I would end up working in Development! Before this job, fundraising had always been the scariest skill to practice as a theater maker or as an arts administrator, even though it is becoming one of the most crucial skills to develop in the arts. Even though there is still governmental support up for grabs, it is nowhere near as hefty as it would need to be to be the sole income stream to keep the arts in the US afloat (or the UK for that matter…) Therefore, individual and foundation giving is the only way forward.

My job isn’t to be the person asking people for money, rather it is to support the people doing that. At heart I’m a producer – I make things happen, and in this job my role is to make sure that everything that my team needs is taken care of. I keep track of all deadlines for reports and applications, I make sure people are invited to events and come to see the work we are doing, and I help keep track of our strategic plans.