Viñas de Alonso: A Family Cookbook

In December 2014, I completed a long term family project that is very close to my heart. 

My grandmother, Aurea Viñas de Alonso, is a wonderful cook. This makes sense- she was taught to be a cook from as soon as she could reach a pot. Her mother was an extraordinary cook, her grandmother was a superb cook, and all the women before her formed a solid ancestry of brilliant cooks. 

Since I was very young, my grandmother has talked about compiling a collection of all the recipes she knows so that she could pass them on to future generations. 

So the year before her 80th birthday, I started working on typing and editing all these recipes so that I could create a cookbook to give my grandmother as a present. 

I worked closely with Charlotte Hu, photographer and good friend of mine, on turning the project into a beautiful book and keepsake for all the family. All the photos below are her work.