OUT OF JOINT THEATRE COMPANY, LONDON           from July 2013 to August 2016

Education Manager     


Out of Joint is a touring theatre company, founded in 1993 by Max Stafford-Clark. The company specialises in new writing, and has collaborated with some of the country's leading playwrights - Caryl Churchill, David Hare, Mark Ravenhill, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Alistair Beaton, Timberlake Wertenbaker, Stella Feehily, Dawn King, and many others. For a comprehensive list of the company's work follow this link

My main responsibility was to manage, promote and expand the Education Department and all of its off shoots. This included the Associate University Programme, Inset days, general workshops and the newly developed Performing Arts Academy as part of the Felsted Summer School.

The Associate University Programme is a group of Universities that have a relationship with Out of Joint. In order to maintain this relationship, we organise two yearly workshops with them and for one of their students to do an internship at our office. The AUP was designed to encourage possible collaborations between our Associate Universities and Out of Joint. For instance, our production of Jane Wenham: The Witch of Walkern originally was developed in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire.  

Writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz, director Ria Parry and cast members David Acton and Cat Simmons talk about new play Jane Wenham: The Witch of Walkern

Out of Joint Inset days are designed to give teachers an opportunity to expand their knowledge, providing a creative space for them to pick up new skills to take back to their classrooms. Some of the topics covered in these inset days were: Our Country's Good, Political Theatre and Verbatim Theatre. We generally host these days at the Out of Joint headquarters, but also try and collaborate with other venues we tour to (e.g. Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse). In the past year we have begun to provide free places in our inset days for teachers 

Standard workshops are 2 hours long and are led by either Max Stafford-Clark or one of the company's associates. They are based around Max Stafford-Clark's rehearsal process. My work consisted in sales of these workshops, scheduling them, organising the logistics and training the workshop leaders, as well as leading workshops myself. Over the last year, Out of Joint has begun offering free workshops to school groups of low resources, to expand the company's practice to share skills. 

Furthermore, each of Out of Joint's productions have an accompanying workpack  to help students and teachers study our plays. The workpacks include extensive research and analysis of the play in order to share Max’s rehearsal process, taking and using photographs of the rehearsals and working with the cast and creative team to deliver a comprehensive pack that illustrates the process of creating the production. For examples of these workpacks follow this link. Recently we have expanded this to include videos, which we believe enables a wider audience to learn from our practice. 

Max Stafford-Clark and Stella Feehily talk about Actioning.