VOLUNTEERING: Social Media and Marketing Team Member for LIT

The League of Independent Theater (LIT) is a not-for-profit membership, advocacy and business league for the independent theater community in New York City.

In January 2017, I joined the team of volunteers that run this organization. Primarily, the work I've been doing with them is in social media and marketing. The short term objective is to raise awareness of upcoming events to do with this year's elections in November. Medium to long term is to mobilize members to get involved with writing a Performing Arts Platform, and campaigning with candidates to improve conditions for artists working in the indy/Off-Off-Broadway scene. This includes trying to reduce the cost of rehearsal and performance venues by using abandoned buildings in the city and improving health care conditions for artists. 

I'm excited about doing this work. I'm enjoying the opportunity to get to know how the theater industry is structured on this side of the pond. The team at LIT is brilliant, passionate and very exciting. 

Source: http://www.litny.org/

Social Media Accounts Manager for Look Left, Look Right

Recently I was asked by Panda Cox, producer of Look Left, Look Right's latest, The Crunch Act 2, to manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts during the 17th of June and the 17th of July 2016. 

Using Hootlet I was able to programme the content of their accounts to come through daily (twice daily on show days). The Crunch is a project funded by the Wellcome Trust, exploring the future of food, including sustainability and waste. 

I was responsible for researching the content posted, ensuring its relevance and scheduling it to go out every day over a month. It was important to maintain the audience's interest, and to keep the discussion flowing. 

It was a very rewarding job- not only was the research necessary to execute it successfully a particularly interesting endeavour. More importantly, it was a job I could do remotely whilst travelling between Italy, England and the United States. The advantage of using Hootlet meant I was able to schedule each week in advance.

I would love to continue to do this kind of work in the future.  

Past Experience: Personal Assistant

From July 2013 to May 2015 I was Max Stafford-Clark's personal assistant full time at Out of Joint. This job made the most out of my skills for organisation and enjoyment of fulfilling day to day tasks in a timely and efficient manner. 

The specific requirements for this post were dictated by Stafford-Clark's circumstances. As a senior theatre director (he was 72 when I started working for him) who had a serious stroke in 2006, his age and disability represented a very hands on approach to the job.

As an internationally renowned theatre director Stafford-Clark corresponds with a wide range of actors, directors and writers. My job included, but was not limited to, managing all his correspondence (email and postal), organising his diary, booked his theatre tickets, organised his travel, assisted with casting his productions (often reading in parts), noted the scripts the company was in the process of developing, helped 'action' his scripts, filed his tax return, and did any necessary research for his productions. 

I found the job fulfilling and exciting. I really enjoyed the aspect of being very organised, thorough and detail oriented. However, I didn't enjoy being tied down to one physical location (aka the office). I enjoy being able to be mobile. 

This experience led me to think about pursuing a line of work that incorporated all the aspects of the work that I do enjoy and thrive in but that allowed me to be the nomadic person I am at heart. 

That's when I came across the Virtual Assistant concept, and I decided this would be something I could go back to, some time in the future when my life could lend itself to this kind of work. Cut to May 2016, having taken a break from the personal assistant work, I am now facing an imminent move to New York City, where the flexibility of this job will help me make a smooth(er) transition.